Morgen Love


“For me, self-love is a practice…it’s a process…and it’s one I was only able to begin once I was courageous enough to dig into the wounds from childhood that had shaped my understanding of loving. I had to learn how to give myself what I didn’t receive when I was younger, and redefine love on my own terms as an adult.” 937a9161

“This brought me face to face with the deepest darknesses in me, and required me to draw out the parts of myself that I once condemned as unloveable to be seen, held, and loved into integration. This work has been gnarly at times, but it is the greatest masterpiece of my life and the most precious gift I could ever give both to myself, and to the world. I’m still healing and will always be growing in love, and Im grateful to have a support system of some seriously badass humans in my life who are dedicated to their own practices of self-love and self-care, and whose reflections nourish and lift me up in my dark moments. that support has been crucial for me in the rewriting of my story, and the labor of love that is the radiant person I am today.”937a9162


November 6, 2016