Marques Wyatt


“ What do you like to offer to the world?”

“Bringing people together. Music is a great lure. And I enjoy creating events.”

“You seem very at peace with yourself-“

“Yoga helps.”

marques-2“Was there a definitive moment when you felt like you settled into yourself in this way?”

“Well yoga was a big part of that, and also some of my ayahuasca journeys helped my evolution of getting grounded and staying grounded amongst the chaos.”

“What would you say your greatest strength is?”

“Bringing people together.”

marques-3“So you’re living your purpose?”

“Yeah, I feel that and I just want to keep expanding on that.”


“Any advice for people who haven’t figured out their purpose yet?”

“I feel like we’re all passionate about something so just not to talk yourself out of your passion even if you can’t see how it’s going to happen because that’s sort of the universes’ work. We just need to know the what and the universe figures out the how.”


marques-4“What would you say your biggest challenge is?”

“I would say my biggest challenge is staying authentic to myself and continuing this process of cross-pollination of different scenes. Sometimes in this industry it’s a breeding ground for narcissism. There’s a lot of fan fare so it’s really important that I do whatever it takes to stay grounded and make sure the desires of my heart dwarf that of my mind and ego.”

“What attracts you about PEACEfits?”

“The clothes just really spoke to me. Right before I went to LIB and found my first pair of PEACEfits pants I was telling a friend ‘I just want to find some cool jeans that are a little different, that are comfortable, that give a little and I can wear on the plane. Then I found these jeans and it was like ‘Yes, this is what I’ve been looking for!’ I’ve probably sold about 300 pairs because people always ask me where I got them from and how they can get them.”

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December 21, 2016