Chineye Akobi


“I’m from Nigeria. I came to Hive because I needed a break to retrospect and find out if where I am is really where I want to be and if not where it is that I really want to be.”

“Where do you want to be?”

“Well, I’m at a stage in my life where I’m comfortable but not excited. I’m bored so I need excitement and challenges and something that will wake me up.”


“What excites you?”

“Being able to impact people, and not entirely give them everything they want, but at least make an impact in their life. That makes me feel relevant. So making someone feel relevant makes me feel relevant.”

“And you came here to figure out how you wanted to do that?”


“So maybe we can figure it out together. What are your greatest gifts?”

“I feel like I know how to connect people. I tend to always have something to say to somebody at any point in time so I realize I can be a good counselor. I’m a good listener. I can provide whatever…I have a lot to give and I want to share that.”


“Who has been your greatest source of inspiration and what did you learn from them?”

“I have a lot of sources of inspiration, but one is Michelle Obama. She was not given a platform but she created a platform for herself. She made it happen. She made a difference. As a black woman I can relate a lot with her because I know how it was at the beginning stages of her career. She surprised everybody, not by being a position, or who her husband was, but by virtue of what she did.”

“Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now? What can you picture about your life?”

“Partnering with someone to influence the lives of individuals in my community. A lot of public speaking. Being with an organization that can help rejuvenate people and give them a reason and purpose to live. Also, having a fashion line. I love fashion!”


“What inspires you about fashion?”

“Well, when I saw you I got interested because I like mix and matching. I like the fact that you can tell about a person by the way they are dressed. Even without talking to you it gives me an idea of who you are, or whether I can be comfortable with you or not. It gives me an idea of your sense of creativity and craziness.”

“What energy would your fashion line express?”

“Crazy-crazy, eccentric-eccentric, mix and match, not the conventional stuff. I always believe that whatever I do, why not go all the way.”

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February 24, 2017