Javis Huggins aka J Brave

J Brave-1 “What’s your proudest moment?”

“The day my son was born. Simunye Ocean Huggins. July 10th, 2008. He’s the love of my life for sure. He’s a beautifully open charismatic kid. He does tae kwon do, he plays soccer, basketball. Beautiful kid. I love connecting with him.”

J Brave-2

“What’s one thing you’ve learned from him?”

“He taught me the deep power of patience, and allowance, and trust. The power of being present to somebody to allow them to express themselves and be who they are.”

J Brave-3“That’s beautiful. Outside of being a father, what’s important to you? How do you like to express yourself?”

“I do conscious hip-hop. I DJ. I do events. I love to just open up to the universe and allow it to express through me and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”

Check out his new video “Sacred” HERE


September 22, 2017