Lyra Frae

Angelika Alana-7

“Life is like a little scavenger hunt to reclaim divinity, love, our whole selves – whatever you wanna call it doesn’t matter but that higher part, that potential we get to reach for and live in, if we choose. Finding that, living in it, mapping it out, that excites me the most right now. Sometimes life can feel like an obstacle course with things designed to keep us stuck but really it’s this fun adventure and I love sharing tools to help people navigate their emotional and spiritual landscape. To climb over those high walls or army crawl through the mud under life’s proverbial wire fence.” Angelika Alana-5

“It excites me when I see clients or anyone in my life finding a way to be OK and thrive in the face of anything. When we have the tools to navigate tricky or sticky stuff we cultivate faith in ourselves and our ability to face anything life shows us, to have our own back. To claim that wholeness or highest part unconditional to life’s circumstances and that’s pretty fcking dope! Going through this process myself and kind of testing out what works and what doesn’t, then finding a way to share and replicate that process for others in a way that works for them, well that turns me ON. It’s like emotional science, alchemy… art. Exciting is a good word for it.”Angelika Alana-3

“What does love mean to you?” 
“Love is all there is, it’s the intelligent and creative force behind this entire universe. What we see existing in form is a gradient of that single source, that one love, all expressing itself in different variations and stages of its actualization.”Angelika Alana-4

“Between people love is a space we can enter together in which we feel seen, heard and understood.”


March 22, 2018