Jordan and Nicole

I sat down at Erewhon and this man and his mother were talking to this woman at another table. Even though they had just met they seemed to be really hitting it off. Their conversation was full of synchronicity and mutual friends/experiences so I stood up and said I thought we should celebrate the moment with some pictures. They agreed and then I asked the woman, “What’s been your favorite thing about this conversation? How do you feel?”

“Oh man, I’m a really vulnerable person, now I’m uncomfortable! Ask him first.”


“-His outgoingness. I like that.”


“And what drew you in about her?”

Him – “I liked how kind she was to my mom. I thought that was very nice. And sometimes you talk to someone and you feel like you’re speaking the same language. It’s easy to talk.”

Her – “Yeah! I would agree with that.”937A8357


May 10, 2018