Theodore Roosevelt Fields

Theodore Roosevelt Fields-1

“I’m going back to school for orthopedic technology and I just took an English assessment test to check my comprehension and composition, that sort of thing. And I got a 99! And I haven’t been to school since the 70s. It’s like WOW! I’m blessed. I read a lot. I read my bible a lot. There’s a lot of wisdom in that.”

Theodore Roosevelt Fields-2“And what inspired you going back to school?”

“Not putting my trust in people. Not putting my trust in family. I’ve seen when people become wealthy they become greedy. They’ll fight a funeral about things left behind and I don’t want any part of that. I just want to live simply and count the blessings day by day that God gives me.”

“I hear you, but I’m confused as to how that inspired you to go back to school?”

“It allows me to get a better skill to provide for myself. A skill in the medical profession will always be, whereas my current skills in construction doesn’t necessarily have a future.”Theodore Roosevelt Fields-3


May 12, 2018