Rob Silver


I went to a Qi-Gong class this weekend at Ceremony meditation and afterward felt really inspired and internally spacious. After the class, I went up to the teacher and said, “That was awesome! Thank you so much. How’d you get unto Qi-Gong?”

“Glad you enjoyed it. I was getting a divorce and I was separated from my wife at the time and doing that separation there a lot of feelings and emotions and things that were coming up for me that I didn’t understand or know how to deal with. A really good friend of the family, who was introduced to me by my ex is a therapist, invited me in and we had a session. During that session, he asked me a few questions and those questions allowed for me to notice sensations in my body that I was feeling and become aware of them. As I became aware I was able to listen to them, feel how they felt, see where they moved, and eventually they just dissolved. I was like ‘Wow!’ and I felt like this feeling of relief. I felt a clearing. I remember vividly that when I walked home and was outside of my apartment the world felt totally new to me again. I was like I’ve never seen this place like this before, this is wow! It was almost like a crackhead having that first hit of crack, right, because ever since then I’ve been looking for that feeling again. Now I realize that even if I’m talking to you, I’m always in that feeling, so I don’t have to chase it anymore. I’ve emptied out all the bullshit and all the content and I’m always in that feeling of peace and relaxation if I allow for myself to notice it.”

937A0279“So with that being said, I started sharing with him some of my frustrations with being a personal trainer cuz I used to be 250 pounds. I lost 60 lbs through eating better, but I also did a workout program call P90X. So between Nutri-system, eating clean, and P90X I lost 60 lbs and got like this really ripped chiseled body. Then my life took off in the direction where I was on TV and I was getting a lot of attention, and it’s kind of like when they say ‘More Money More Problems’. It was more attention, more problems. Since I hadn’t worked on certain energies and aspects of myself, all that attention highlighted that, so even though I thought I was being a good person and moving in a good way, there were still some things I was doing that was harmful to others because I wasn’t aware of how I was moving.

937A0281So as I became more aware of how I was moving through Qi-Gong, I started becoming aware of how energy moves and how energy works. When you become aware of that, then I became responsible for it, and as I became responsible for it I started feeling feelings of what it feels like to be responsible for things that you’ve done. And then as I dissolved those feelings, I had awareness and I had wisdom. So now when opportunities come up, I have the decision and the choice to move in a different way in order to have another outcome. That keeps me at peace and keeps me at home in my body and not me trying to run and exit my body cuz I did something that I probably shouldn’t have or doesn’t feel good.”937A0282


July 4, 2018