Mia Banducci (Magik)


“I love the fairy godmother bc it gives a tangible, visual, and visceral experience of what it means for happily ever after to be possible…for your dreams and wishes to come true. In stories when we’re little girls or boys, and it’s okay to believe in magic, there’s this concept of there being an energy or person that can come into your life and change everything, and help you receive, and help you become the version of yourself that can receive everything you’ve ever desired.”


“I got nicknamed that at Burning Man this year when I was wearing this outfit and it felt so right.

Especially because I identify as a witch and I utilize magic in my own life every day. It’s what my whole platform is. My mission on the planet is to be the ambassador and the spokesperson for us believing in magic, and magic being real, and our fantasies becoming our realities.



This character is a witch, but she’s not scary. She the kinda witch that everybody is excited to come into their lives, and wants to come into their lives, and wants to talk to, and wants to connect with. She’s the true definition of a white witch, that’s exactly who the fairy godmother is. And so, it’s been a really powerful way of expressing my white witchery in a way that’s really accessible and non-threatening, so it’s a really fun character for me.


“Damn, I didn’t know the white witch was so deep!”


“Yeah! It’s what she is. But we call her fairy godmother. The God Mother. The Mother God. She’s literally a witch. She was talking about serving the great Mother Goddess.”


“Thank you.”937A9057


November 1, 2018