Him – “I knew of her before I knew her. I saw her and I was like, ‘WHO IS THAT?!?’ but I had a girlfriend-“

Her – “and I’m not into that, but we met again at a garage sale fundraiser and we just hit it off.”

Him – “I felt like she just got me right away…so there was this dance coming up and she invited me-”

Her – “But I wanted to get to know him first so I asked him on a date, and we went on a walk, which ended up being 3 and a half miles around a lake and it was non stop chatter. We’ve been together ever since. Dating him has been the most raw, organic, pure experience I’ve ever been a part of. I went into it thinking ‘this is just gonna be fun’ but then it was like…‘Oh shit, this is gonna be real’!”


“Did you know what you were looking for in a partner?”

Him – “I was looking for someone who was emotionally intelligent and in touch with their heart. I had never found someone who could vibe with me on that level. That was something I felt immediately. It was like, ‘Wow, she’s soulful, she’s deep, she gets me.’ I wasn’t even actively pursuing a relationship, it just synchronistically came to me.”

Her – “I was always looking for someone who was going to make me a better person but I have given up on that because I had dated some guys who were just…guys. I got to know Ned and he captivated me, and pushed me, and challenged me, and loved me, and here we are…married.”


“What’s something you weren’t looking for or expecting about your connection?”

Him – “She has Type 1 diabetes so some of the challenges and struggles and triumphs that you’ve had. I never expected that and it impresses me constantly how she can take it by the reins and define it, it doesn’t define her.”

Her – “I almost died last summer. I was in the ICU and went into diabetic ketoacidosis. They said I was only a few minutes away from not making it. That was sort of a spiritual awakening for me. I knew that Ned was my person, my rock, my true love and seeing how he dealt with that adversity and how courageous he was and how much of a man he was made me realize what mattered in life. It’s all about the people you connect with and the legend you leave. He helps me weave the thread through life that I’ve always dreamt of leaving but didn’t know I was capable of.”


November 19, 2015