“What are you passionate about?”
“People. But I don’t read people well. I went to school for graphic design and branding. When you develop a person’s world and visualize it. That’s how I understand the person.”


“I’m designing a photo book for my parents because their birthday is coming up, and all my family is split up at the moment, and looking through the photos I realized I want to connect with my family more. I have one brother that’s 5 years younger than me.”
“Are you two close?”
“Not as close as I would like to be.”


“What’s your dream?”
“Being able to control myself. Not in a restrictive manner, but creatively. And bringing my family over here from Korea. I’ve been living away from them since high school. Back then it was cool but now everyone’s out of college, and a lot of people are leaving New York. People come and go a lot in general and that’s made me appreciate the consistency of my family and want to see them more often.”


November 19, 2015