Ep. 04 – Jackie Mostny

Ep. 04 – Jackie Mostny


“I’ve been doing a lot of improv lately and I’ve learned so much. Just say yes is the number one principle of improv. You learn to always make your partner look good by saying ‘yes and’. Maybe you want to take the conversation in a totally different direction but you don’t just say ‘no’ and shut down the other person’s energy.”


“I’ve lived all over: Argentina, Brazil, Tel Aviv. I remember my grandmother calling me crying saying, ‘The vacation’s over. Come home!’ and having to explain to her I wasn’t on vacation. I was home. I called my mom telling her to go check on grandma and she said ‘Don’t let anyone guilt you. You’re doing incredible stuff. You’re living your life, you’re free, your happy…go!’

“I love being a connecter of people for my friends. A big part of being a friend to me is being supportive of what they’re up to. Being a cheerleader for them because cities are lonely. It can be easy to get into a rut where all you do is go to work but I want us all to be able to grow together. I want to build a really healthy culture that’s based on communication, female and male empowerment. One that’s fun, loving, and connects us to nature.”


December 9, 2015