Ep. 05 – Adam Apollo

Ep. 05 – Adam Apollo


“When I was a 15 I was coming out of a period of a lot of personal stress. I had just discovered the internet, and after school I would just go home and explore. I learned how to pick locks, I learned how to turn off cable lines and phone systems, I learned how to hack. I learned that there was all this power in information if you just put your mind to exploring information. But even though I found all this information there were still all these questions I couldn’t answer or find answers to. So a brother of mine and I used to discuss some of these questions like ‘How is it possible that you can feel something on your skin when someone is looking at you from across the room?’ If you feel a tingle on your neck when someone is looking at you there is nothing in science that explains that. Nothing in the existing scientific paradigm anyways. How do you think about somebody and then the phone rings? Is that just totally and completely random? Is it a coincidence? How is it that almost everyone has had that experience? That level of coincidence is too high for mathematical probability. It’s like winning the lottery. Those odds are too good for there not to be a functional reason of science behind it. So we started to explore stories about qi gong masters and found a guy who could cook something with his hand. This led us to an experiment where we put our fingertips together, putting some space between our fingertips, and looking at the space between our fingertips, and we were picking up some kind of sensitivity. I remember the first moment when I pulled my fingers apart and saw…streams of energy…between my fingertips. They looked like little smoky lines with little sparks. Something in my head just popped at that point, something just opened up and I realized there was something going on in this world that was not being taught in school, it was not being shared with the masses, and I asked myself why? Why is this missing from our culture? Why is this missing from our society. To me, it was like finding the force.”


“Then we started experimenting, we started doing blindfolded martial arts, locating hidden objects across the room and we realized there is a whole world of sensitivity, awareness, and consciousness that uses this underlying energy field to operate and yet somehow it’s been completely removed or left out of our modern society. After a little bit of exploration on the internet I found it’s not a new thing, for thousands and thousands of years people have studied and mastered the use of this energy. All of the ancient martial arts traditions, qi gong, tai chi, all the yogic traditions, how did they speak to the wind, how did they call the rain, how did they talk to the animals? How did they project their consciousness into an eagle who’s flying over the land to gain perspective? This is something that they talk about in many stories in many indigenous traditions. There are stories of aboriginals projecting outside of the earth’s atmosphere and talking to astronauts. There are astronauts who have had experiences looking out a window and they thought they saw an aboriginal person floating outside the window! For me it was like the floodgates opened and I began to remember so much in myself that I had someone already known but that I had just somehow forgotten about. It was like there was a little shell of a belief system, but as soon as I broke that shell, all the sudden all this innate wisdom and knowledge, ancient knowledge began coming through me. I realized the easiest way to integrate that knowledge is to teach it to others. So I started teaching friends how to make energy balls. I started going to massive dance parties and learning from other kids who were obviously dancing with energy. I found huge subcultures that were fully exploring their awareness of this deep level of reality.”


“People use these abilities but they don’t articulate them as being something special. There’s a subtle telepathy between groups of people. I saw it a lot at dance parties when I learning to spin drum and bass. The way the guys would adjust the vinyl speed to get the mix on was super tight. I saw the little awareness shifts and the way energy was flowing was highly precise. There was very, very clear communication between people with no words. This is transpersonal science and transpersonal psychology. It’s a fully scientific medium of exploring our reality. It’s really important that this begin to be treated as a science because there are immense gifts that come with integrating this understanding. This is part of our reality and we can’t ignore it.”


“I saw my first starship when I was really little and I didn’t have any clue what it was. I saw this massive bright light fly over me when I was by a lake. I was maybe 7, walking by a lake at night when this huge, brilliant light came down, shined over the lake, and then zoomed over the mountain. Years later I was a teenager driving with my dad and stepbrother and my stepbrother freaks out and says ‘Get out of the car!’ so we get out and there’s a triangle of lights literally weaving back and forth across the sky and then shooting down over the horizon. It wasn’t like any type of craft I’ve ever seen. It was spinning with 3 lights. I always had a logical sense about these things and I thought, ‘Yeah, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t there be other cultures on other planets?’ There’s 200 billion stars in this galaxy and according to the Hubble telescope in a pinhead in the sky there’s thousands and thousands of galaxies.

In 2001 I met Dr. Steven Greer and discovered the testimonies of the Disclosure Project. At first there was extreme secrecy about what’s actually going on because of fear of panic. Now it’s a different game. If you release all the technologies and free energies fully without any type of staging or oversight you’re talking about disrupting the entire socio economic structures of the world. The major banking systems and powers, the largest corporations on the planet, the biggest money on the planet is centralized around oil companies, energy systems, and energy companies. When you completely take away all of that power and put it in the hands of the masses, you have a very different world, a very different structure to this planet. Also, when you start having the ability to travel to other planets and worlds with starship technology you also massively change the game because you take away the edges of the playing board. How do you control societies like that? This is why this stuff has been hidden.”


“In 2005, at my first Burning Man, I had a massive experience, totally sober, out in the middle of the desert. I was able to heal a part of myself that had been locked for a very long time. When I say a very long time, I mean thousands of years. I’ve had various experiences with multiple people that have proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have lived multiple lifetimes on this planet. In this particular experience I was able to heal some very deep trauma from a time period we call ‘The Age of Atlantis’. When I cleared that space in my energy body, I was able to access a memory and an awareness of myself as being an ambassador from a dual sun system that we call the Sirian system. Sirius A and B. I was part of an alliance of planets and a council of beings from all over the galaxy who wanted to help humanity, earthlings, earth humanoids, become a part of the galactic family. I became viscerally aware of this knowledge. I remembered exactly how I traveled here to become a human, exactly the process of how different species have been sending starseeds to Earth to mate with humanity to create offspring that were slightly genetically different than other humans. The genetics of these hybrid offspring were perfect to receive beings that were actually traveling as souls to be born on Earth as human extraterrestrial hybrids that would aid, as humans, the other humans from Earth in going through a process of awakening to a much bigger picture and learning how to join this much larger galactic society.”


“Me and most of my friends are these type of beings and we’ve been here 13,000 years doing this work. Now I feel like it’s time to complete this work. So I went deeper into the desert and I ended up encountering a physical being from another planet that I knew was not human. She had a very different bone structure in her face. It was my first contact experience. Then I had an experience where I astrally traveled and met Ambassadors from species from all over the galaxy, 73 of them. I began at that point to experience my life as a process that is not devoid of a larger picture. I began to realize my life, and purpose, and experience as a being is inextricably interwoven with a larger process that’s going on with beings all over the universe, in this galaxy in particular. These beings were not just different, hyper-dimensional-whatever. We’re not talking about 9th dimensional beings on a higher frequency level that are not physical. We’re talking about beings that have integrated higher levels of awareness of space and time and consciousness and spirit…and are also physical. And they can travel and project their consciousness with their astral bodies as proficiently as any master yogi. They can project to other planets, they can also pilot starships that leverage that technology to travel between star systems, meet with other beings, share tea, and take a poop if they need to. Let me just say this to people who have had information coming in about 5th dimensional beings, 6th dimensional beings, 7th dimensional beings, all these beings that are physical and non physical, usually talking about non physical beings. Let me be really clear, there are an infinite number of realms. There are many kinds of astral and spiritual beings in existence, there are many planes of existence, there are many realms in which consciousness lives and explores. There is also physical planets around physical stars all over this galaxy and every galaxy. There are being that evolved that chewed their finger nails, that picked their ears and noses, that used the restroom, that have learned to build starships, that have sex, that travel the universe. So don’t look out into the stars and say ‘I wonder what will happen when I’m a multi dimensional higher level being” because you already are one. You always have been. You are a multi dimensional being. You have consciousness on a spiritual level, on an astral level, you can go to the celestial heavens and still be sitting in your car. That is a part of the capacity of what it means to be alive. There is no ascension you have to get to. If we’re going to ascend at all, it’s going to be in perspective. We’re going to see that there are cultures that are so far beyond anything we’ve ever conceived, that it may look like science fiction but…so did the internet. It’s all science fiction, until it’s science fact.”


“I created a program called The Guardian Alliance, which is a school for self mastery, self reflection, self development. We take people on journeys into the process of exploring your key powers and archetypes so you can master the gifts that are innately inherent to you already, and also find the places where you’re challenged in life. Locate the spots that really challenge you the most in the field of life’s options, opportunities, and go at those directly using your greatest gifts to then awaken gifts inside the places where your greatest challenges are. We do this with an envelope of principles. Everything we do at the Guardian Alliance is about developing human sovereignty. Bringing forth the goodness in all people. Compassion for all people no matter where they are coming from, no matter what their civilization’s social or societal structures are and promoting acceptance.”


“We’re asking people to step forward and become guardians of the future they want to see on this planet and of the future civilization that we are cultivating right now. To become a part of the Guardian Alliance we’re asking people to come in and master themselves and understand what it means to be a powerful leader in this world. To step forward with tools to engage your sacred purpose in the world to bring great change and steward others to making those changes as well.”

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December 14, 2015