Juliana Luna


“I’ve been traveling the world the last 6 months. It’s a crazy story actually…I was in Brazil living there for 2 years and took a trip to South Africa and met two very important people in the world, one Nelson Mandela and two President Obama, and after that I had to ask myself ‘What does this mean?’ because I believe in messages, life is not just random.”


“So those were pretty intense hints. I told myself I would take it easy and let life show me the way. So I went back home, I created an online platform called Project Tribe, which inspires women all over the world to step into their full selves and become more aware through the symbol of the head wrap. I teach women how to make head wraps out of this really colorful, beautiful African fabric. Millions of people started joining this project and all this media came after me in Rio. So then I thought ‘This is something interesting but I don’t want to let this own me, nothing owns me’.”


“So I went to the United States to learn business skills, because I don’t have business skills, I have people skills. So I come to learn how I can make more of an impact for women like me who were never taught in school how to be independent and authentic. You’re always taught how to follow the rules and be down here. The system is designed to make you serve in a bad way. But before I finished doing that this film company came to me and said ‘We’re thinking of doing this documentary and we want you’.”


“So I say ‘Okay, what is this about?’ and they say ‘It’s about your roots. It’s called Brazil DNA Africa.’ Basically they test your DNA and find out exactly where you are from in Africa. And I always wanted to know so I say okay and they give me the test…and when they tell me the results they say ‘You come from the tribe in Nigeria that makes the head wraps you’ve been teaching people to do.’ Then they say ‘Guess what? We’re taking you back to your motherland doing a documentary about the whole thing.’ So I went back to the land of my ancestors and it changed me on a molecular level. I felt a recognition of how powerful energy is in a physical world. None of this I had dreamed. But when I met Mandela and Obama I had asked the question ‘What does this mean’? and when I got back to Africa I saw this spiritual man in the village I come from and he says ‘I know where you come from. I see your soul. You’ve been here 7 times already. Your ancestors are so powerful. You’re a queen. That’s why you walk the earth with royalty.’ Then I say ‘Whoa, this is intense, I don’t know how to receive it but I receive it.”


“Since then I’ve been practicing staying present and digging deeper into my truth and trying to reflect that in everything that I do. Realizing that I am being taken care of even though I don’t know anything about business. Believing that there is something higher than me. And inspiring people with my story and my gift.”


December 15, 2015