Katya and Rob


“The baby in my tummy is five and a half months. This is his or her’s first festival.”katya-2

“What brought you down to Envision?”
“Well…my husband and I love festivals. Costa Rica is my favorite country on earth.”
“Why is that?”
“The people, the land, the way everyone is connected. The way everyone cares about the environment. We live in the Dominican Republic, we are Canadian. We’re surrounded by all inclusive resorts. There’s not a lot of conscious travelers so we use this opportunity to come and spend time with like minded people so we can keep blossoming into beautiful conscious humans.”

“What gifts are you here to share?”
“We all have gifts of healing. So the gift of connection and elevating consciousness.”katya-and-rob-1

Him – “We met in Cozumel, Mexico. I was at a friend’s wedding and she was the wedding photographer. We were two of the only single people there, it was a very small wedding, we were all staying in one villa so we hooked up right away.”
Her – “A few hours after meeting each other. I made it happen. We were living in different cities in Canada at the time-“
Him – “So we went into it thinking this’ll be a fun vacation romance and we’ll never see each other again-“
Her – “So let’s give each other everything. Not hold back.”
Him – “And I totally fell in love.”katya-and-rob-2

“What’s one of your favorite things about Katya?”
Him – “Her drive and her sense of purpose and her motivation. It blows me away. Her strengths are my weaknesses.”
“And you?”
Her – “Rob is the most easy going, grounded human that I know and I love him so much. I learn so much from him everyday.”



December 25, 2015