Victoria Bowden


“What are your goals for 2016?”

“To cut back on my hours for school so I have time to live. This past year it was just school, school, school, school, school. I had fun but there were so many things I missed out on.”

“Like what?”

“Like my little cousin had a birthday I wanted to go to, my brother had a lot of step shows I wanted to go to. And I also wanted to get a job too.”

“Is there anything you want to do for yourself for fun that doesn’t have anything to do with being responsible or supporting someone else?”

“Hmm…I guess I never really thought about that. I guess I don’t take a lot of time for myself.”

“Do you have hobbies?”

“I like to read…and ride my bike. Maybe I’ll do that more…yeah, do me some.”


“What’s something about yourself you like or would like to develop?”

“That…well…I like that…this is weird talking about because I don’t want to beef up my head.”

“It’s a good practice to develop self worth and self confidence.”

“Well I think I’m a really caring person, and I also like to be involved in the community. But that’s not me taking care of me huh?”

“They can be one in the same. It’s good to have a symbiotic relationship with your environment and you can also take care of yourself. Try saying it again with that part too.”

“I am a caring and giving human being – can you help me? this is hard-”

“- and I live a balanced life where I support others but also take care of myself. Try that.”

“I am a loving and caring human being who lives a balanced life that supports other and myself.”


“I am a loving and caring human being who lives a balanced life that supports others and myself!”


“Good to spend time with you sis. I appreciate all the energy you put towards staying connected with me.”

“You’re my brother.”

“True, and I’m proud of that fact. You are extremely mature and emotionally aware.”

“Oh no no, no I’m not.”

“Ok, see what you did there? You deflected that compliment. Lot’s of people have a hard time receiving compliments so that’s normal but let’s try that again. I’m going to give you a compliment again, but this time after I say it, take a deep breath to breathe it in and then say ‘Thank you’.”


“You are wise beyond your years and extremely emotionally intelligent.”

“…Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I love you.”

“I love you too.”



January 4, 2016