Amber and Idris

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“What’s one of your favorite things about her?”

Idris – “One of my absolute favorite things about Amber is her spirit and how she’s always changing and evolving and keeping me on my toes and making everyday an exciting day for me. I don’t know what to expect. Sometimes it seems a little unnerving but I do welcome it because it allows me to really accept the uniqueness of her.”

“And you?”

Amber – “One of my favorite things about Idris is his creativity. His artist spirit and how he’s a living work of art at all times. He’s constantly creating with his hands, and artful with his words, artful with the way he lives and eats. Everything that he owns is customized. Nothing is straight out of the box. Every single thing about him is original, unique, and one of a kind.”SOULSEnvision2016 - AmberandIdris-2

“Can you describe the moment you realized you were in love with him?”

Amber – “It was the first moment I looked at him. The first moment I saw Idris with my eyes I knew that he was my life partner. It was look no further, he has arrived.”

Idris – “I have to say it was the same thing. When we first actually in person, we were already in communication, but seeing each other physically, the connection became so strong and I knew it was love.”

Amber – “It was a little scary too.”

“What was scary about it?”
Amber – “I remember the day we met I said to him, ‘Oh my god, I think you’re my soulmate’ and he said ‘Oh my god, I think you’re my soulmate!’ And then we started freaking out a little so we went to see this astrologer to see what the stars had to say.”

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“How were you able to trust the love?”

Idris – “Maybe it wasn’t scary, it was just intense. People usually say things are scary when they don’t know what’s going to happen but it was a big level of excitement and facing the unknown.”

Amber – “There’s a lot of risk involved because once you know someone is your life partner you have to live with this person, you have to change things in your life to coexist. Within 3 weeks he had quit his job and moved from New York to live with me in Philadelphia. Then we decided we wanted to purchase a home together and we bought our home within 3 months of knowing each other. People thought we were fucking nuts.”

“How long have you been together?”

Amber – “Over 8 years now. It’s all about jumping into the coexistence, and taking that chance, and having faith in the creator that it’s happening in divine order. That was the overwhelming feeling that we both had…that it was divine. It wasn’t that he pursued me or I pursued him, it was that we were brought together by divine intervention.”


March 30, 2016