Scott Mills

SOULSEnvision2016 - ScottMills-1

“My favorite part of this festival is that they clearly care about the environment. There’s 6 different trash cans for different types of waste. When I went to the food area I got some raw vegan ceviche made out of coconut. They gave me one of their plates so I just ate it there and gave it back to them…there’s no waste here. I really appreciate when people are being conscious when they’re having a good time.”SOULSEnvision2016 - ScottMills-2

“What are some of your gifts?”

“I guess the biggest one is my gifts of words. I have an eloquent way of presenting the beauty in other people in them so they can shine. I’m a writer by trade. I write about music so I’ll take music from pretty big labels…some trap stuff in San Francisco…and I’ll really articulate what’s beautiful about it so that the reader is equipped with that knowledge and they can connect with it even if they wouldn’t normally listen to that genre. Thus expanding the audience for those people. Sometimes they’ll write me and say ‘Whoa! This is what you wrote about my music.’ And I’ll say ‘I’m just good with words, it’s your music that inspired me to write this.’ I write through my DJ name Paradigm Theorem. I also have a company called Sound Advice Nightlife. It’s pretty much a creative studio for artists and labels to help them feel good about presenting their inspirations to the world. It’s everything from writing, to graphic design, to full studio mastering. I also teach music production for free through my mastering so I can bring up the community and help people sound good. We’re all in this together right?”


March 30, 2016