Trudi Forristal


“What’s one of your favorite things about yourself?”
“I actually have a lot of favorite things about myself. I listen deeply. I’m always willing to work things out. I’m a very loyal friend. And I love being a mother.”trudi-2
“What’s something you’ve learned from being a mother?”
“Unconditional love. Patience. They give me strength. They teach me that I don’t know everything.”trudi-4
“What’s something in your life that’s been a challenge and what has that obstacle taught you?”
“I think the hardest thing that ever happened was when my husband died when my kids were 1 and 4. I was a widow at a very early age. What I realized from that difficult situation is that I’m not a quitter. I’m a warrior. I had to pull from deep inside me for strength. Everything that has happened to me in my life has made me a stronger person and has lead me right here to talking to you. Things had to happen the way they happened because that’s how they happened.” trudi-3


November 1, 2016