What is your relationship with your mother like?”

“She had a really difficult life. She lost her mom when she was 7 years old, oldest of 7 brothers total. She had to play mom at 7. I learned from her the spirit of forming a family and helping others to grow. You need to take care of your family and your closest ones, in a community sense. You don’t need to play a role, you just help.”

alejandra-1“How do you express love?”

Smiling. Hearing people and observing. When somebody connects with me, I really want to see and hear the person.

alejandra-2“What is something that you love about yourself?”

I’m very passionate. When I’m convinced something can happen, I take the strength and I convince everyone, find the resources and the motivation. I really like that I can take that initiative and make it happen.

“What is something you’re passionate about?”

Traveling and knowing new cultures. And telling stories. I like writing and photography. If somebody asks me “Aleja, would you like to show this?” I’m there finding a way to tell that story.

Kristina Bakrevski

November 2, 2016