“What do you value that doesn’t cost any money?”

There are so many qualities that don’t cost money. It’s amazing how mercantile we can be. Does trust have a price? Is honesty more expensive in one area than another? Is truthfulness something you can get in a vending machine? These qualities are most important to me. They are not monetary in nature because they’re not material, they’re spiritual.john-1

“I love the way you framed that.”

I started to think of languages and how we have human conflict between groups. We all have different ways of speaking. Is French more true than Portuguese? Is Italian more musical than Slavic? Is Han in Chinese more clear in communication than Tagalog? Just as we’ve all been given different tongues, we still have all the same underlying vibrations. Though there is an apparent surface difference, if we look at the love that underlies all of it, we see that it’s made of the same Universal material. john-2

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Kristina Bakrevski

November 2, 2016