Jesse Sanchez

“What is one thing you really like about yourself?”

“I am my mother’s son. I use my mother as a model for everything I do in life. She has dedicated her life to supporting our family and making sure that those around her are taken care of. She helps the people around her realize how incredibly great they are. So I always do my best to uplift those around me because if everyone is fully realized, then that’s one more step to creating a more fulfilled world.”


“The first time I realized I had a gift for coaching, I was in 9th grade. There was a lot of gang violence in my community. I grew up under the U.S. poverty line, as did many of my friends and community members. We were discouraged from going to college because of where our address was. My friend felt discouraged and I asked him why and he said he didn’t think he was good enough. I told him how incredibly smart he was and that changed something in him. Once people can see something inside of them that was always true, through the eyes of someone else, I think that is the key of unlocking the entrepreneurship in everyone. I enjoy celebrating people. And then those people celebrate others. You create a chain reaction that is immeasurable.”jesse-2

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Kristina Bakrevski

November 2, 2016