Nadia Mufti

“What are you the most passionate about?”

Understanding human consciousness and what that means. What different levels of consciousness look like and feel like. How to help people move between them through asking questions and creating experiences. How do we create environments and societal structures to raise human consciousness and connectedness?

nadia-1 “What’s your relationship with your mother like?”

Overall it’s good, but it could be closer. I’ve gotten a lot closer with her over the last few years. A lot of that has just been opening up and trying to be more vulnerable myself and creating space for her to do the same. It’s led to a more authentic, deeper relationship.

nadia-2“What do you hope to achieve in 5 years?”

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on when I’m the most in flow and how I can be of service to other people. I want to be spending more of my time doing those things. That would mean that I’m not part of any one company, but working with leaders in a lot of different companies, both as a coach and a strategist. I’ve also become very interested in virtual and augmented reality. Whether we like it or not, it’s going to be a huge part of our world and there is a huge opportunity to help it go forward in ways that are positive. I would like to help shift that space to help people enjoy real life more.

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Kristina Bakrevski

November 2, 2016