Zuby and Ana


Zuby – “I’m legally blind so Ana’s helping me get through Hive.”

“Were you always legally blind or did it happen at a certain point?”

“A certain point. I was a pre-med student in the army in the late 90’s so I lost both careers. It happened over a 2 year period. It’s caused by a genetic disease that eats the rod and cone cells in my eyes.”

“What was your emotional process while going through that?”

“Depression of course. It was very tough. I always wanted to be a doctor. I went into engineering and battled with it for many years. I went to the school for the blind but eventually it took over. So that’s why I’m here at Hive, to develop technologies to help people going through the same thing I am.”

anazuby-2“You’re so positive and carry a lot of forward momentum. What’s the root of your strength?”

“If you asked me that question many years ago I wouldn’t even know how to answer but I guess it’s overcoming. Overcoming disabilities with creative abilities. Turning your problems into solutions. I’ve gone through the battles, and been scarred, and been worn down, but I’ve come out alive and now it’s time to help 285 million people who are also going through the same thing.”

anazuby-3“And you volunteered to help Zuby out. What inspired you to volunteer?”

Ana – “I went through Hive 9 and it completely transformed my life. I fell in love with the energy, and the people, and the ideas, and the smiles, and the hugs, and the love, and everything. I got back home to Romania and all I could think was ‘Oh my god, I want to bring Hive to Romania.’ Then I got an email asking if anyone wanted to volunteer for Hive 10 and I was like ‘Yes! Me!’ I found out Zuby was the person I’d be working with and we had a chat…I’m so grateful because he’s incredible. He’s so positive.

anazuby-4 Ana – “I’ve had so much fun with you here. Thank you.”

Zuby – “Thank you. Now she’s about to go back to Romania where she plans to reinvent lives with Hive. How cool is that?”

Ana – “Not cooler than you!”

anazuby-5“You two are cute. Ana, what’s the biggest way you think you’ve changed as a result of going through Hive?”

“A lot more clarity is attached to my purpose. I’ve always wanted to help people and I knew I had this calling. My entire life and my actions were on social projects. Now I know I want to help people help themselves. I want to expose them to that type of information so they can choose whatever future they want.”

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November 24, 2016