Sandro Rayhansyah


“What are you passionate about?”

“I’m passionate about challenging people to achieve something they think is impossible.”

“What’s something that feels impossible to you right now?”

“At this time I’m opening my own coaching business and I thought that was something that couldn’t be done. I never thought I could get paid for something I love to do. My next goal is to expand my business to coach more powerful people. That’s my next challenge.”

sandro-2“Who’s been your biggest inspiration?”

“Someone real or fictional?”

“Whatever you want.”

“It’s a Dragonball Z character named Son Goku. I learned from him. He’s a very authentic guy whose mission is to fight for others and to become a better fighter. I want to help people and be a master of what I do. It’s all about how I can grow to be a master by being in service to someone else.”

“What’s something you do that makes you forget about time?”

“I love videogames. I’m a gamer. It’s about going from level 0 to level 99. You have to always equip yourself with the best equipment, you have to find a bigger boss to fight, and then you go the next level. I also like being in community. I play with people online. Even though I’ve never met these people it’s a place I feel like I belong. It’s fulfilling to work with other people towards a common purpose.”

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November 27, 2016