Hilah Shenhav


“What inspired you to come to Hive?”

“Just knowing Ryan and believing in the way he lives his life. Beyond that, having value alignment in every moment of everything I do is the most important thing to me. It seemed like a great opportunity to expand myself along with some of the new projects I’m taking on.”

“What are some of you most important values?”

“I believe it’s our duty as human beings to bring our best selves to the world. To understand what makes you unique, and give that way. I believe we all have equal inherent value, and that external achievement does not equate with internal worth. I think that has to start with myself, so that’s a personal practice of mine.”


“What do you think your gifts are?”

“I’m empathetic and analytical. I apply that by building tech and creating systems that help elevate humanity’s consciousness.”


“I love dancing. I am totally unabashedly myself when I dance. All out, all in, fully expressed. I love playing with people in that space because it’s so fun and authentic. It’s a form of communication beyond words. There are so many things that I feel and think that are difficult to put in words, but when I’m dancing it’s everything that I am all of the time.”


“I also love having deep conversations with people exploring the common questions we have about life. When you’re getting to know somebody and you start to understand their internal operating system, you realize we are all driven by the same fundamental questions. Getting to those moments is the most connected I ever feel.”

“My experience of you is that you’re centered, grounded, and at peace with yourself but what’s something that’s a challenge for you?”

“I think one of my biggest challenges is containing my energy in a way that allows me to love at scale. It’s really tempting for me to share myself constantly with the people around me, that’s just what feels natural to me, but I’ve learned containing my energy and gifting myself solitude actually allows me to love at a much greater capacity than if I’m always giving, giving, giving.”

hilahshenhav-5“I noticed that a lot people came to me to help them sift through things they were working through – which are conversations I always want to have – but I realized if I took some of that time to design technologies that millions of people can access I can do way more. So I learned how to build things and create systems that allow me to love at scale. I believe tech has the power to accelerate our emotional processing, and ultimately our path to self-actualization.”


“Thank you. And to step back from the macro helping the world stuff, what does your own perfect day look like?”

“A day where I have full integrity with my inner state – regardless of where I wake up or what I am doing. A day where I am truly present with myself and with anything that arises. I love being in the sun, I love dancing, and I love getting to be creative, but ultimately being able to stay internally in flow no matter where I am or what I’m doing is the perfect day to me.”

Find out more at http://hive.org/hilahshenhav-7


November 28, 2016