Tigre Bailando


“What’s one of your gifts?”

“My ability to see and convey the relationship between the sacred and the grotesque. That which we consider dark and mournful and that innate relationship with joy and life. Those elements are intertwined and rely on each other.”

“What allowed you to have that integrated perspective?”

“The way I was brought up. I wasn’t taught a narrowly defined view of what was good or bad. One of my father figures in my life died of AIDS when I was 6. He was in our house slowly wasting away so it wasn’t just seeing death but a really intimate view of the process. It was the long protracted transformation and decay of a person. It took me year to process that.”

tigre-1“What do you think happens after we die?”

“I have no idea. My belief is that the aspect of our energy that we consider spirit acts in a way the same as the aspect of our energy that we consider matter. We get absorbed back into the world around us. Rather than a linear idea of reincarnation where there is one soul that takes its experiences on with it, our souls dissolve and return to the universal cosmic soul. And it’s not like when you die you turn into this other thing, because you already are that thing. Linear time is an illusion.”


“Thank you. What’s the story behind you painting your face everyday?”

“It comes from the idea of embodying the warrior. And I mean warrior in the sacred archetypal sense. Not it terms of aggression, but rather painting oneself before engagement to increase the level of intentionality in my life. It’s also a daily art practice. It usually inspires people to conversation and there’s the potential for others to express themselves in ways I may never know.”

“As someone who has very unique, non-mainstream stances, what resonates about PEACEfits for you?”

“There’s just a funkiness that I dig. That patterns that Andreas uses have a movement and energy to them that I find really resonant. I see connections to modalities that I find interesting. There’s connections to Keith Haring’s work, to Basquiat’s work. And the cut of the clothes just feels good on my body. I don’t have to feel uncomfortable to feel really fresh. If I have enough PEACEfits to only wear those clothes…I probably would.”

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December 1, 2016