“Hey brother, can I wash your car? I need some work.”

“I’m about to leave so I don’t have time, but I can give you some money if you need it.”

“Thanks. I didn’t want to just ask, I like to earn my keep. And you know what…you’re the only person who would talk to me. I tell you…Los Angeles is a superficial place. If you ain’t got no $200 white t-shirt and some fancy suit ain’t nobody got time for you.”

“I feel you. My name’s Dijon.”


“Where you from Jim?”

“I’m originally from Mississippi, raised in Arkansas.”

“How’d you end up out here?”

“I came out here and got my tractor repossessed. I ain’t got not idea how I’m gonna get back to Arkansas.”

“So you came out here to do farmwork?”

“Nah, it’s a truck. Tractor-trailer.”

“How’d your truck get taken?”

“The guy that I was leased to was supposed to be making the payments for the last 6 months on that T-680. He made 1 payment, and the other 5…I don’t know what he did.”

937a9641“I’m sorry that happened and wish you the best of luck. You seem to have a sense of calm about it though. You got any wisdom for a young man?”

“Yes, I do. Be good. If you can’t be good, be good at it. Keep a cool tool. Don’t let your meat loaf. Don’t let your eye ball. And anything you enter into, before you enter into it, close your eyes and say ‘Lord, let your will be done’,  and you can’t ever go wrong. Cause He ain’t gon let you go wrong. He’s gon watch over you at all times. God is good at all times. If you put your trust in him there’s not anything in the world you can’t accomplish. I got a little prayer I say in the morning Dijon, I say ‘Lord, let your will be done.’ When I get ready to go to bed I say, “Lord, thank you for helping me make it through this day. If I did anything that wasn’t your will. Forgive me.’ Immediately I’m forgiven. Whatever I done is thrown into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered. I might remember, but the one who matters doesn’t.”


December 14, 2016