Mark and Mira


Mark and Mira


“How did you guys meet?”

Mira: “I was performing in a show. He was in the audience.”

Mark: “She’s an accordionist and a singer. I was like, “Who is this? I’ve gotta meet this girl.” She was dressed in all black and had this little red ribbon in her hair. I looked at the girl to my left who was sitting there and I was like “Who is that?” and she was like “I have no idea who you are.” I was just so caught up in the moment. After the performance, I came up to her and said, “You’re unbelievable.” I was kind of her groupie.”




“That’s adorable. Mira, what is one of your favorite things about Mark?”


Mira: “How sweet he is.”

Mark: “Sweet like salt.”

Mira: “He’s been meeting my family and visiting my Grandma. He bought her a box of chocolates.


“What Grandma doesn’t love chocolate?”


Mark: “They were Russian chocolates too, so you know they were good!”

Mira: “He went out of his way to give her those. He schlepped them all the way from New York. It was really sweet.”


“What’s your favorite thing about Mira?”


Mark: “She’s really smart. One of the smartest people I know. She can do anything. Super talented and brilliant.”


Kristina Bakrevski

December 29, 2016