“What are you passionate about?”

“Rock climbing. I used to live in Southern California and there used to be an indoor gym center there. It’s a good community and I went all the time. When I injured my wrist and didn’t go for a while, I missed all my friends and my life. They were a big part of my family and I still hang out with them. I met a friend down there and he asked me if I wanted to go climbing. We went to Turkey together to climb one year later.”




“Describe a major turning point in your life.”

“I don’t have one. I have a lot of random things that happen to me. When I went for my internship and spent 6 months abroad, when I moved to the U.S. or when I traveled to Africa — they’re all small pieces that define what’s going on now.”


“Where did you move from?”

“I moved from Russia for a guy but we’re not together anymore.”


“What made you want to stay?”

“I got the perfect job at Google.”


“They say success is always the best revenge.”

“That’s true.”



Kristina Bakrevski

December 29, 2016