“What are you passionate about?”
“I like working with people and collaborating. Being in a position where I can help people work together. I used to produce a music and arts festival called Lucidity and my skill set was pretty much exclusively bringing people together. There were a lot of artists who didn’t have a good outlet for expression and it was very satisfying bringing them together in a way that elevated all of them at the same time.”


“What was a challenge you faced recently that you had to overcome?”
Thinking about what I want to be doing with my time. How I’d like to invest my energy moving into the future, with work, relationships and where I want to live. I like being in San Francisco but the cost is a lot. I’m balancing my desire to be a part of this with what is possible elsewhere. There’s opportunity cost either way. It’s kind of stressful but if I can avoid thinking about the future too much, stay flexible and be open to opportunity instead of trying to map everything out, I’ll be alright.





“What is your favorite thing about yourself?”
“My desire to bring out the best in people. To motivate them to be their best selves and to expect that and nourish that anyway I can. I do that my communicating, calling people out when they’re not being authentic, exploring and prodding them. When someone isn’t giving their best effort at something, exploring why they don’t care in that moment. Setting healthy boundaries. Asking what I like from people instead of being too guarded to be vulnerable.”



Kristina Bakrevski

December 29, 2016