Joana Cruz


“What are your gifts?”
“I love relating. I’m a good listener. I’m empathic and my hard expands even when it’s hard. I contract a little bit but then am able to expand from all the lessons. I’m a love bug.”
“What else is present in your life now?”
“I’m learning to practice better communication with everyone in my life. I’m practicing my rituals to cultivate what’s sacred in my life. I’m feeling a lot right now. I feel like my purpose is very clear, but I’m having trouble navigating things because this is such an intense time of alchemy. We’re all learning how to really see each other and we’re learning how to communicate what we see with love.”937a9516

“Are there any specific things you’re focusing on in your growth?”
“Decolonizing my mind. I immigrated from the Philippines when I was 7. My path has been one of being indoctrinated with western society and the ‘American dream’. Now I’m at a point in my life of trying to learn who I really am. To move past the things that have made me not love myself.”
“What’s the biggest inhibitor of your self-love?”
“Patriarchy. How men treat the women in my community. Growing up I learned implicitly that women were…mmm…white men…that come into my country have an expectation. Whether they’re coming from a consensual conversation or something else, it’s affecting our women. It has affected me, it’s affecting my mother. And not all in bad ways. But there’s an objectification.”
“I feel you. Thanks so much for sharing. Your vulnerability is beautiful.”


January 6, 2017