Angela Hale


“I’m from everywhere. My mom’s heritage is pretty strictly European. She’s Swedish, and Finnish, and German. We’re pretty sure there’s some other things thrown in there. Both of her parents were adopted. On my dad’s side, his dad is English and Scottish. His mom is Spanish, and Portuguese. I was born in San Francisco. I was a tiny human in Marin. The Marin headlands are still the place that feel most like home in the world.”


“I’m here to remind people who they really are. To connect people to their power. That’s really all about love, so I’m here to love.”


“5 years ago I was feeling really stuck. I felt overwhelmed. I was exhausted and I got sick all the time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and with kidney disease so I was in a lot of physical pain, and really tired and kinda foggy. I worked a lot in politics. When I finally burned out there I transitioned into tech with a company who was doing good things in the world but that was still a struggle. From there I started deepening my practice with yoga, and yoga has been really powerful with me for transforming my relationship with my body and getting me connected to what feels true for me. As I deepened my listening to my body and whatever it is that was coming up for me, I could no longer lie to myself.”


“I’ve been practicing ease. I spent so much of my life pushing, and managing, and controlling and doing things that I thought I was supposed to do. A lot of that had to do with being uncomfortable with uncertainty and imperfection. As I’ve moved away from the mountain of should and gotten in integrity with myself, the things that are not the yeses have fallen away. When we really truly surrender we’re no longer buried in the fear and we’re free to really choose our lives. It sounds like it’s all sunshiny sparkles, but it’s really a process of rebirth, and rebirth is fucking messy.”


“What are your favorite ways to express love?”

“What a beautiful question. My favorite ways to be loved and love is attention. I love to love people with my whole presence. To really be with people. I love making people feel at home. I also really love cuddling people. I want people to know there’s a place to come where they are seen and safe and held as perfect exactly as they are.”


“Thanks for sharing yourself. I love your vibe and space…and I really like that painting.”

“I made it with one of my previous lovers. We covered ourselves with paint and had sex on the canvas.”

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February 4, 2017