Jorge Yant


“In my mid 30’s I was feeling existential angst. I had 2 young kids, was happily married with the great career…but in the end, there was something missing. I had achieved everything I wanted to but something didn’t seem right. I started searching for truth every place I could. I had been exploring all these paths and the one constant theme I found was meditation. I came across Vipassana and really appreciated it’s absolute purity of intent. The practice itself was so utterly simple, so profound and complete, that I fell in love with it. When you do this work, you get really clear about things.”

937A2625“I used to go to a 10-day course every year, but I didn’t want to go to the mainland so I just got friends together who had done one and hosted one at my house. It started out kind of as a joke, we called it Quepasana. After doing that I knew this was my path. It was my life’s work. Now everything else I do is to support this.”

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February 6, 2017