Eduardo De La Garza Sanchez


“Who’s been the biggest source of inspiration in your life and what have you learned from them?”

“My father has been the biggest source of inspiration. He has always supported every decision that I take, good and bad, and that really showed me a kind of leadership that is a companionship leadership. He’s a very renowned and successful professional in his field so seeing him be always humble and driven to create social impact and purpose in his community, starting with his family, has always been a great example for me. So he’s my hero.”

EduardoDeLaGarzaSanchez-3“Right on. How do you want to contribute to society?”

“I am in love with education. I’m in love with the process of learning, and teaching, and transferring knowledge between us as human beings. I really want to transform the world through the transformation of education. I want to make education more accessible, and also more experiential. It has to be more integral to the growth of a person and not just their intellect. That’s my life mission.”EduardoDeLaGarzaSanchez-1

“Great. Moving away from your role in the world at large, what do you like to do as a hobby or for fun?”

“The first thing I like to do when I have leisure time is to spend it with my girlfriend. She’s my soulmate, my best friend, I just have a really good time with her overall. I’m a very silly, goofy person. I can be that 5-year old boy when I’m with her. I can behave any way possible and she still laughs at my jokes. The second thing I like to do with my leisure time is watch movies. I love Netflix. I love watching people do things. I love looking the economics behind the streaming industry. I love reading books. I love playing sports. I love running and playing tennis. I love drinking coffee. Those are the things I’m doing when I’m relaxing and want to disconnect. Oh..and eating food. I love eating food. I can’t say that I love food more than I love my girlfriend, but I think she’d agree that we’re both more in love with food than we are with each other. I think we stay together because of our love for food.”

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February 15, 2017