Pamela Alejandra


“8 years ago doctors told me I had 7 brain tumors, so I diligently followed Western treatment plans and I did all I could on my own to add the most amount of value to the LIFE I had. After 5 years of intense trial and error with synthetic drugs; they found no more options and gave me a one year prognosis, so I stopped all Western drugs; became even more aware of the value and impermanence of Life and slowed down even more to every single moment; I always knew this was one of the greatest lessons of my Life and soon realized there were many more beautiful lessons that diagnoses/prognosis had to teaching me help me propel into my purpose.
When I was confused and scared I wouldn’t have given them to anyone.. now I would gift them in all Honor and Reverence inside a golden box to my most intimate friend as the most precious and beautiful gift one could ever receive. Inner awareness continually develops and I became much more aware of the power of Love and its unceasingly perfect abundant energy. In any conscious moment; I would give them all my Love and gratitude for what they had already done and it allowed me to truly see the value of my life. I am Blessed.. I am The Blessing.”

937A2555“And what’s your purpose?”

“To raise the vibrational frequency so we can all be the best version of ourselves. I inspire people through my art. Artists are a vessel for translation of the magnificence of The Universe.”

“How do you raise the collective frequency?”

“By sharing love and creating beauty. When you give love you become love.”

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February 15, 2017