Selena Le

SelenaLe-1 “I’m from Vietnam. I run an education business focused on emotional intelligence. We help young entrepreneurs and students. The people I serve need leadership, so I need to improve myself first. I came to Hive to connect with people and learn leadership skills so I can build a better organization.”


“What’s your favorite way to have fun?”

“I have 24 hour days and am always happy. If I’m eating, cooking, or talking to you I’m enjoying. Every moment I love myself, I love everything around me. I enjoy every second.”

“Have you always been like that?”

“Yeah, always. Now I’m improving my level of happiness and I can take that to the people around me in my community.”

“What’s your dream for your life?”

“To make my business global. To be a pilot. To live in Spain. I love Spanish music and food. Life is short and I don’t want it all to be work. I’m here to understand myself in all ways.”

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February 15, 2017