Richie Ortiz


“What’s your greatest source of strength when you’re feeling low?”

“It’s hard to say because when I’m trying to do something I don’t find myself getting low. If something bad were to happen I know something positive is going to happen because I’m making it happen, or I have the opportunity to make it happen, or I have the opportunity to meet people who are positive.”

“Do you think you’re like that because of how you were raised or is that how you innately are?”

“Combination. I can’t say for sure.”

“What are you parents like?”

“I feel like they feel more emotion that I do. Not necessarily happy emotion, but more affected by things. Away from their equilibrium I guess you could say. I waver some, but not as much to the sides as they do. Don’t get me wrong, there are some emotions I feel really strongly. I’ve been with my girlfriend 6 months now and those feelings are really strong, but they’re already in line with how positive I’m trying to be.”

RichieOrtiz-2“What’s your favorite thing about your girlfriend?”

“I’m not trying to get too philosophical right here, I’m just trying to think of a plain answer. I think it’s really simple. It’s gonna sounds cliche but we’re just on the same level about things. A lot of things. A lot of different things. A lot of the same things. The times where we may not see eye to eye is when we need to be opposites to function as a couple.”

“What’s one of those times?”

“I’m outgoing, it’s easy for me to personable. She’s shy, she takes times to open up. Even to me it took awhile, but once she did it was pure beauty. She’s working on having more confidence in herself for the things she’s good at and that’s where I compliment her because I can encourage her to do this, this, and this to get that, that, and that.”

RichieOrtiz-3“How long have y’all been a couple?”

“Since August 16th, 2016. Not too long but-”

“Sounds like it’s in a good place.”

“It’s in a good building place and my objective is to always keep it building.”

“Last question, what’s your top priority in the things you’re trying to create?”

“Short term is finishing grad school. Long term is to develop communities through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strengthening to create unity. More specifically I want to open deaf friendly rehabilitation and exercise centers. I want to make fitness and wellness centers more accessible to that community.”

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March 10, 2017