“We just passed a new point in our development as a human species. Now it’s all about letting go of the past and moving forward. I really follow astrology a lot and this whole year is about hard work and putting in the effort into what you’re trying to create for your future. In a sense we just passed a check-point to see where we’re at in our lives. Now we can throw out what’s not really working, or maybe put it to the side. I feel like everything you encounter isn’t something that you throw away. It all bring us to experience the place where we want to be at. So maybe just put it on the shelf. I can feel it so much and it feels good to know there are some things I can just let go and move forward. A lot of them have to do with my creativity and the things I want to do in this lifetime.”

“What do you want to let go of in your creativity?”

“Just letting go of not helpful patterns. Like when I come home from tour, I throw my suitcase down and pack another one and hit the road. When the month’s over I’ve got like 5 suitcases that are spilt out in my room. It is what it is, it’s part of the lifestyle, but I feel like addressing that is something that can move my creativity forward. If I don’t have to clean up 5 suitcases I can go straight into that inspiration from tour and go right into creating.”


“I have a few main projects: the Fungineers. We’re a TV show for adults. It’s a theatrical, comedy, musical. My solo project is just me as a DJ. I’ve been producing secretly in my own space for like 3 years and one of my main goals is to release my debut album next year. It’s mostly electronic music. I might have some vocals on it because I am an MC too. Sometimes I do just wanna rap and spit some shit over the beats but it usually comes out very superficial. For my solo project I want it to have meaning so I’m not sure if it’s going to to have lyrics. A lot of the things I rhyme about when I freestyle is about having fun and looking sexy, and feeling sexy. Those are all parts of me, but I also don’t wanna get to political, or superficial, or speak about what’s already on the radio. I’ma take some time to think about it. My third project is me as a art director, creative director, and producer. I studied film for 10 years off and on. A lot of screenplay and acting classes. My favorite thing is to tell a story. That’s what drives my creative force when it comes to filmmaking. I’m really inspired from creating from the imaginative world and also from the people around me. Nature is actually my biggest inspiration. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. I feel like I’m in a constant dance with nature to reflect it’s beauty.”


“When did you know you want to exist in the world as a creative person?”

“I feel like there’s been many stages of my creative journey. It’s funny because it’s been hard for me to call myself an artist. I wasn’t sure that my music and the things I was doing made me an artist. Then I had a had an amazing realizing that this is just what I am. I’m a creator but for me it’s all about teamwork. I’m not much of a solo person. That’s why the Fungineers has been such an amazing experience.”


“What’s your biggest challenge in your artistic process?”

“Self-doubt. Is what I’m doing going to be hot enough? Is it fresh enough? Are people gonna love this?”

“I think people connect to learn things from each other and I think you’re supposed to pick up some of my swag. I never question whether people are going to like my shit because I know they’re going to because the shit I make is dope as fuck. Everything I’ve seen about your expression is beautiful. Your aesthetic sensibilities are phenomenal. Just lean with it.”


“True art is just an expression of self so as long as it authentic you can’t make bad art. You’re just trying to do you. No one can be a better you than you.”

“Exactly. The universe is always putting me in a position to overcome that doubt. One of the first times I was performing onstage I froze. Just…froze. But I went through with it anyways. At the end of the day, it’s all about us facing our fears. That’s what I hope this album I put out next year is about. I’m a little nervous but I’m definitely excited.”


“How do you feel like your passion fits into the biggest human story?”

“I feel like everything I do is in service to this universe. I really want to make positive change and I really want to inspire people to positive change. There’s a place for all of us to fit. My role in this lifetime is just to bring that positivity to everyday life. I think it’s important to be authentic in the way that we connect with people and be super loving and accepting.”


“What is PEACEfits to you?”

“I think it is that positive influence for people. A lot of people aren’t exposed to independent fashion designers. It’s important to support local artists. I love watching people wear art. And it says it right in the name: PEACEfits. Peace fits in this world.”

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March 11, 2017