Ashel Seasunz


“I’m working on some webisodes call “Legend of the Uber Rapper”. I’m a Lyft/Uber driving and I videotape people in the car while I do intuitive readings for people. And/or people can pick up a topic and style of music and I make up a song on the spot. I also do interviews with thought leaders and musicians in there. I also teach climate justice and arti activism at San Francisco State. I’m consulting for a lot of different people: Dead Prez, Hip-Hop is Green. With them I’m pushing the 10th element of hip-hop, which is health and wellness. That’s the restoration and healing of the movement. It’s everything from food justice to yoga.”

“You really know that bay area hustle huh?”

“Yeah man, I’ve got a lot going on.”

Ashel-1“When’d you fall in love with hip-hop?”

“I grew up in Chicago in the projects. My brother was a house DJ named E Smooth. I’m an 80’s baby so I used to listen to Yo MTV Raps and check out MC Lyte, KRS One, Snoop, all those cats. I listened to Michael Jackson too but there was something about the people in hip-hop…they looked like people in my neighborhood.”

“Top 5 MCs?”

“I like Black Thought, Aesop Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and…I gotta put myself in there because I got an album coming out. I just keep getting better because I take in so many inputs. The meditation I’m doing gives me more access to myself.”Ashel-4

“How do you like to use all your talents to give back to the community?”

“I have a masters in transpersonal psychology so I study shamanism and plant based medicine. I’m offering a more shamanic healing worldview to everything I’m doing. Everything is looking at the inner ecology as a revolutionary standpoint. I’m looking at meditation and a technology. I synthesize and I’m a visionary. I’m ushering in the view of the human as this powerful entity with psycho spiritual power. With that view comes the opportunity for transformation.”

“What opened you up to all this information?”

“I was connecting with Joanna Macy and studying Buddhism with this group and I’m realizing meditation has actual power. It’s a technology. My grandfather was also a minister so I grew up with the mystical. I learned the word is power when spoken. I’m also a Pisces so I’m very sensitive. I’m done a vision quest with the Lakota so that opened me up. That really clarified who I was and my mission. Also flying through the Pleiades with some brothers and having these direct experiences has been really powerful. I’ve experienced so many different worlds.”

“What were the Pleiades like?”

“We were flying through all the purple pyramids and they were downloading me with all this information. I learned we have different soul pieces that are like a lineage. Not in the way we think of it on the Earth. But more soul lineage, more energetic. Now I’m also remembering and releasing a lot of Atlantian technology. Color, frequencies. In the next 3-4 years when the planet gets the true Earth history….things are gonna really shift. Different beings from different dimensions are here, have been here, are responsible for the seeding of humanity on the Earth.”

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March 11, 2017