Nina Porter


“What’s one of your favorite things about yourself?”

“My curiosity. Just being interested in how things work. Why things are here and why things are done a certain way when all things and possibilities are available. How did these ways form to make this the norm? Being curious about alternate ways to create the same outcome.”


“Do you feel like your curiosity has been beneficial to your life?”

“To this point…yes.”

“Can you tell me about a time your curiosity led you to something interesting?”

“Yeah, my dad loved computers and was very into his business and was always MS-DOS-ing and getting the newest versions of Windows and things. One year he had gotten a new computer for himself and had wrapped up his old computer and gave it to me for Christmas. I was so excited about receiving that computer specifically because when I played on his computer I was always afraid I would do something wrong, so I was very limited, but being able to play, and mess up, and explore and have this actual tangible machine that I could move around in and make mistakes in, and just play in was really exciting to me. I think that ability continued on when I got an iPad and was playing in Garageband and not feeling like there was a limit to play. I was living outside the confines of feeling like I was making a mistake. It was blowing up that box that made me really feel at home.”


“Is your dad still really into to computers or does he have other interests?”

“He still is, he still is. He’s very much an audiophile. Very into his speakers and their placement, surround sound, and technology in general. He’s also has his cautions about it and definitely values human connection above everything.”

“What’s your relationship with him like?”

“It’s good. Now it’s good. I chose him as a teacher for sure. He’s so intelligent and so driven. He has his doctorate in education and is very committed to helping low income kids to succeed. Especially African-American males because he didn’t have many role models growing up in the bay area. As far as an opened heart space, not there. Not there at all. That has been really interesting to navigate. Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone so far on the other end of the spectrum. I always felt like I was being perceived through the eyes of judgement or comparison and not acceptance, and so I never want people to feel that way in my presence. He’s taught me so much because I don’t think I’d have that kind of awareness if it wasn’t for that. He’s also been a great teacher because when he has a vision he creates it and makes it manifest. In the 3D world he’s very good at navigating the world. Interpersonal relationships aren’t his strength but we’re finding common ground. As I start to actualize my vision in a way that’s outside of what his was for me, and I’m gaining my footing and finding a way that works, he’s more interested in engaging in conversation with me.”

“Are your parents still together?”

“They split up. They got divorced the year I went to college. They still live a mile away from each other. My mom is remarried. My dad was remarried, he’s recently divorced. They still have a decent relationship between the two of them.”


“What’s your mom like?”

“She’s so lovely. She’s so loving and genuinely warm, boisterous, generous. She’s very adamant about people cultivating their dreams. Really listening to what works for them and tuning into what feels good for them and what doesn’t. She just represents magic. In kindergarten she was like, ‘Bring all your friends over! We’ll have paints, and colors, and paper, and games. I’ll set this up! We can have all these stations!’ She paints and writes. She’s just warm. She’s love. She really is love. Not without her own challenges like we all have. But for the most part, her and I’s relationship is amazing.”

“Thank you.”


“So I asked you about one of your favorite things about yourself, what’s one of your challenges?”

“It’s still hard for me to sit and sink in to receiving the blessing that this moment is without jumping to the next moment. And thinking, ‘Oh well, I’m here therefor that could build into that, and that could become that’. And getting there…the idea of getting there has been a struggle for me. It’s in the reflective looks back that it’s like, ‘Wow, you were already there girl. You were right there. You had it all. You were enjoying so much.’ It’s all a blessing. At one point, being right here was all I ever wanted. Sitting in my place in San Francisco after going on a walk, talking about interesting things.”NinaGrae-10

“Now that you’ve realized this dream, what’s your next dream?”

“I want an all-access pass to every country of the world. I want to have a gift to bring wherever I go and I want that gift to be music. I want to access to everyone, everywhere. If I hear a podcast and there’s someone fascinating, I just want to be able to pick up the phone and get in touch with that person with no hassle. That’s what I want. Just spreading good vibes all over the world. To co-create with other people, put something dope together, pack my bags, and go do it somewhere else. I don’t see myself, at least in the next 5 years, in a sedentary state. I wanna be moving. I don’t wanna be in a place for more than a week. I wanna move. See different things and people.”NinaGrae-7

“Top destinations right now?”

“I’d love to go back to Costa Rica. That was so elevating for my spirit to be there. There’s something in the air, and the water, and the vibration there.”

“For sure, I’ve been there a couple times for Envision Festival. Super dope.”

“Oh really? Do you plan to go next year?”

“Maybe. Both trips were pretty intense and I feel like I may have learned my lessons from that place for now. There are a lot of places to see in the world. But you never know! It all depends on what opportunities present themselves because I’m only looking to go places where my energy is received in a very specific way.”

“It’s really good to be clear on that.”

“Most definitely.”

“Thank you for reminding me of that. I don’t want to be apologetic for the fact that I like living nice.”


“Abundance is our birth rite. Scarcity is an illusion.”

“Right. Right. Right. And knowing that your presence has an effect in a positive way, in a powerful way. It’s about whatever has your being feeling great in whatever way. I used to reject that because it wasn’t ‘spiritual’ but I’m over playing that game. Because it is a game, and you can’t win, and then I come to the table feeling ran down and depleted. When I go to these places I want a hotel room that feels really nice, and a bath, and a really big fluffy bed, and good food. I just wanna feel nice. I thrive when I’m in that environment.”

“Yeah, you can show up more when you’re held and nourished.”

“Yeah, so that’s like the 5 year plan. And then collaborating with emerging women who are contributing to the movement among women. Allowing our voices and collaborative power to make changes in the fundamental ways this world operates. So contributing to that conversation and having an impact in that movement is important to me. I’ve always felt I would love to have an artist pass that gets me into to every festival, but I really want a pass that sets me next to Oprah. Whatever pass that is, that’s the pass I want. Just catalyzing events so people know that change can happen from the bottom up because people are calling for it and because it’s time. And to make sure we’re creating win-wins. To tie in creativity and curiosity…if you look at any scenario and all the pieces, there’s a way that all participants can walk away feeling like they won. That solution takes more creativity, but it’s always available. Or if it’s not, then it’s not something that should be made manifest. So reframing, restructuring the way we operate, so that win-win becomes the modality. That gets me excited.”

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March 23, 2017