Jennifer Tran


“What do you like to do for fun?”

“Going to music shows and going to comedy shows. Those are always fun. My friend started comedy writing recently so she takes me to a lot of improv things.”

“What’s a growth area in your life and what are you learning from that process?”

“Being okay with where I am. I’m turning 25 and I always think I should be doing more. But I’m learning to be okay with where I am, being okay with who I am, not being content but accepting myself and not chasing all the time. It is tough in the Bay because everyone is always chasing so many amazing things.”

“So since you’re cultivating self-love in that way what would you say are your greatest strengths?”

“I’m pretty positive, which is nice. You have to be when you’re going through a quarter life crisis. I know how to make people’s days better. I’m learning perspective is more important that anything. I used to be a really negative person but I’ve learned if you think positively things really aren’t that bad.”JenniferTran-2

“What’s one of your favorite ways to express love?”

“I like listening. Letting someone express because they’ll find their way out of it. Active listening and not responding, not trying to give advice. Just being supportive.”

“What’s one of your favorite ways to receive love?”

“Kinda the same thing. When people are there for me without judgment and without trying to force ideas or advice in my head. They’re just there. I love when people can listen to me and let me be me. These questions are deep yo, they’re hitting the feels.”

“That’s the idea. Who has been on of your biggest inspirations and what’s something you’ve learned from them?”

“It’s always kinda been my parents. My parents are immigrants. It’s something you know but never really appreciate but with this talk of immigrants more and more I have more dialogues with my parents. I always think the world is gonna fall apart and my dad’s like, ‘Yeah, I lost my country’. That type of stuff hits me really deep and helps me to realize how lucky I am.”


“Right on. How’d you get connected with Bloom Farms?”

“I wasn’t really for cannabis and after college I got into work and I was just stressed all the time. I went to a therapist and they put me on a really high dosage of medication and it wasn’t helping me. Then a friend showed me the plant and from there I got a recommendation so I could go to a dispensary. I picked the cutest looking one and followed them on Instagram. I just wanted a fun part time and found out about their 1 for 1 program, it’s super dope. And as time went on I joined the team and went full time. It took me awhile to tell my parents but now I wonder why I was ever embarrassed about cannabis because it’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

“That’s awesome. What do you do for them?”

“I do events. At the core of everything, we’re just trying to change the conversation about cannabis. We do a lot of things to get involved in the community. We have medicated yoga, medicated dinners, and we’re hoping to be more and more involved. Because you can be a working professional and still smoke weed.”

JenniferTran-5What’s one of your dreams for the next 5 years?”

“I want to continue this work with Bloom Farms. There’s a lot of people that can benefit from cannabis. I’ve always wanted to be in public policy and I know whatever I do, it’s going to be centered around being in Oakland. It’s going to be centered around community. I just wanna accomplish as much as I can and have enough privilege to spread it around. That would be dope.”
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April 4, 2017