Tianna Jones


“What did you do for fun when you were 10?”

“I liked to play make believe with my sister and cousin. We would play make-believe school or office. I was always the teacher or the boss. I’m also a filmmaker so I think that’s where I got my storytelling director vibes from. I like to pretend. I like to have fun.”

“What kind of films do you like to make?”

“I like to make dramas that have very comedic moments. That’s what I feel like life is like. In the hardest times, it’s important to have the light. It’s also the best way to connect with people. And in storytelling, it’s trying to find a way to resonate with everybody.”

“What are your favorite ways to give love?”

“I like to listen and be there for people. A lot of people tell me I’m really loyal and I take that very seriously. I think being there for somebody unconditionally is one of the best ways to show love. Again, just making people laugh. There’s something really important about sharing laughter with people. You know those times when you laugh so hard you can’t even breathe? Those moments happen with the people you love the most. It’s important to show love by being there with people, to have a good time with them, and make them feel good.”


“What’s one the ways you like to receive love?”

“I guess I like it when people are upfront with me and tell me what’s going on. Again, the people that know you best are the people who can call you on your shit. Even though that’s hard to hear sometimes it always comes from a really good place. I like to know people care about me that way to make sure I’m going on the right path.”

“I feel you. What do you feel like one of your greatest strengths is?”

“I’m not very judgmental. I like to accept people for who they are good or bad. I think one of the reasons people like to talk to me is because I can see the real them. A lot of times people put up a front in society around people they don’t know, but I feel like people tend to let their guard down in front of me cause they know no matter what I like to be empathetic and understand why they made the choices they made. I think it’s important to stand in somebody’s shoes and know what has shaped them to be the person they are right now.”

“In that non-judgmental way of being, is it easy for you to forgive people?”

“It’s easy for me to understand why you did what you did and I can forgive you, but I’m not very forgetful. I think it was Nina Simone or Maya Angelou that said, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them’. I think that’s really important. Of course people can change, but there are certain things that go down to the core of who you are. I try to take in lessons to not make the same mistakes twice.”


“What’s one of your biggest growth areas and what are you learning from that challenge?”

“I can be kinda reserved and shy. I’m kind of an observer. I like to watch more than participate, so I’ve been working on opening myself up more to strangers and taking bigger risks in social settings. I think it has a little to do with self-doubt so I’m trying to have more confidence in myself. But I think this is my time to shine and not feel bad about it.”

“Are there any things you want to accomplish to help solidify that confidence in yourself?”

“I have some film ideas in my head that I’m working on. I really would like to shoot something by the end of this year. I want to to get back in my creative side. I realize it’s important to nurture that part of myself. When I don’t tap into the creative part of myself it affects my mental psyche. So I want more time to play.”

TianaJones-5“Good for you. What do you do with Bloom Farms?”

“I am the team lead brand ambassador in southern California. I go to different dispensaries and talk to patients and staff about our products. I also assist in the office with marketing and events. It’s April, so I’ve been with Bloom Farms a year. Before I got into this job I was waitressing. It was a dead end. There wasn’t any room for growth. Now working here I feel like there’s a lot more potential and opportunity to help people.”

“What differentiates Bloom Farms from other cannabis companies?”

“I think it’s that we really care about our patients and the community. I love our 1 for 1 program. For every product we sell we donate a meal. We partner with food banks all over California. I go and volunteer and it’s so amazing to see first hand to see how our program helps people. I went on Thanksgiving and was giving out turkeys. It’s one thing to know we do that but another to have been an actual part of it. It’s just this beautiful cycle.”

Connect with Bloom Farms at: http://getbloomfarms.com/TianaJones-4


April 5, 2017