Dylan Jhaveri


“What’s something you love deeply?”

“I love surfing for so many reasons. One, because you can’t have technology. It’s great exercise. It’s refreshing. It helps me feel really alive and get my blood pumping. Especially the cold water in San Francisco. There’s a lof of science about the physiological benefits of exposing yourself to cold water.”

“Cool. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. How else do you like to spend your free time or express yourself?”

“Meditation is a big thing for me. I’ve been doing it every day for about 3 years now. It’s always something I wanted to do to relax and relieve stress. Back in college I tried a few different things that never stuck but over the last few years I really made it a habit.”


“What benefits have you noticed?”

“I think it just makes you a little less stressed and a little more happy. It’s not like if you start meditating it’s going to solve all your problems. It’s a little thing that adds up over time.”

“Have there been any big life changes in the 3 years you’ve been meditating consistently?”

“I think it’s made me more relaxed, more thoughtful, more in control, and less reactive to things when things are stressing me out. I’ve been using Sphere to meditate lately. I love the meditation teachers they have on the app. They’ll lead you through ten-day courses on different things. It’s also kinda social, you sign on through facebook and you see your other facebook friends and you can see how much they’re using it. I’m kind of competitive like that. And I think it is important when you’re trying to do something to have that social reinforcement. It’s like a friend who wants to go to the gym with you.”

DylanJhaveri-3“What’s one of the biggest areas of growth you’re facing right now?”

“Good question. I work for a start-up called CrowdCast and we’re getting to the point where we’re bringing people on board so I’m cultivating leadership qualities and stress management techniques so I can stay balanced.”

“Right on. And what do you want your legacy to be?”

“I want to have a company where everyone who works there loves working there. I want to enable people to love their jobs. Most people don’t like their jobs but I want people to enjoy what they’re doing and know their work has meaning.”

“What about outside of work?”

“I don’t really know yet. I’m taking it day by day.”

DylanJhaveri-4“Do you have a partner?”


“What’s one of your favorite things about them?”

“We compliment each other well. I’m very logical and disciplined and routined. She’s very emotionally driven and likes spontaneous adventures. We go camping a lot. She likes to cook so she brings that stuff out of me.”

“What are your favorite ways to express love?”

“For me it’s sharing memories. It’s easy to get in routines but when you look back at fun times you had you always think about who was there. A music festival that was fun, or a dinner you had. You look back at your life and you tell the same stories. It’s kind of how you define your life. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you were, it’s more about the people you’re with.”

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April 12, 2017