Dylan aka TigerFresh

Dylan-1 “What are your greatest strengths?”

“3 pointers in the 4th. Stunt moves. An evolving chameleon skill set. Open mindedness.”

“What’s been your greatest challenge in life and what have you learned dealing with it?”

“Growing up as a single child from a single parent in a low economic demographic and being able to embrace it as a tool for having the depth of receptivity and compassion within my community.”


“Tell me about when you fell in love with music and how would you describe the music you play?”

“I was always a fiend for it since I could remember, my mom was the dopest DJ in the whip during road trips, but the tectonic shift really happened when I came across my first hip-hop album by A Tribe Called Quest in 5th grade. There was no turning back. It resonated with me in a way nothing culturally ever had and there was hip-hop in my walkman every day since then.  I play hip-hop, trap, house and vibey downtempo in an omnitempo blend.”

“What’s your greatest inspiration?”

“The mystery of the most-high and seeing my friends excel and break through boundaries and stereotypes that would otherwise be major limitations.”


“How does your PEACEfit into the greater whole of our community?”

“By foreseeing patterns, trends, and elements in which society/community lacks and having the voice, courage and creative ingenuity to interpret them sonically and visually into a cohesive medium for the people to digest to transcend into a higher vibration.”

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April 18, 2017