Jenna Ansell


“What’s your favorite thing about yourself?”

“I’m a connector. I have a really strong ability to travel between worlds and instigate things happening. Enable people to meet other people so they can do more things. That puts me in a position where I can be of service to other people. My degree is in anthropology and I’ve always had a deep interest in culture. We’re all on a similar mission. The more we can connect and help each other, the more we can achieve that collective mission.”  

“Connection is everything. I’m with you. What’s one of your greatest loves?”

“My greatest love is learning about other cultures. Their food and art. I usually do that through going to festivals all over the world.”JennaAnsell-2

“What are your favorite festivals?”

“BOOM in Portugal is my favorite festival. The energy that’s fostered there is the most legitimate temporary creation of community of anywhere I’ve ever been. Even though there’s 30,000 people there they’re able to manage a level of structure and togetherness. There’s a lot of flow happening. It’s the leading event for psychedelic subculture. The people there seem very light and they have very good hearts. There’s not much drinking there. Shambala in England is really inspiring. They’re leading the way in sustainability. As far as American festivals Symbiosis is really special. The whole festival is much more of a collaborative artistic creation. Even the stages there are pieces of art. From all that learning I’m now setting up my own festival in Bali. I want to bring visionaries and thought leaders together. They’re leaders in education, movement, art, and music. Just doing everything from a holistic perspective. Bringing in ceremony and ancient and future technologies. It’s going to be in April, just a 500 person seed event.”

“Sounds wonderful. Congratulations. What are the challenges in getting something like that together?”

“Just the hecticness of the lifestyle. It has me always moving. I’m a constant traveler so I’m not as grounded as I’d like to be.”


“You mentioned the psychedelic subculture at BOOM, what are your experiences with psychedelics?”

“I had my first trip at Secret Garden party. I ended up staying up all night and staring into a beautiful lake realizing everything made complete sense. LSD is definitely a medicine that allows you to connect with things in a unique way. As long as you’re in the right state of mind and treating it with respect. People usually think of these extreme trips but if you do it in smaller doses it’s radically different. It’s connecting hemispheres of your brain, it’s allowing you to access things you couldn’t otherwise access, it’s a heightened awareness.”

“What is about PEACEfits that resonates with you?”

“It’s clean and crisp everyday wear that makes you feel activated when you put it on. I’ve never worn bandanas before but it just feels good to wear the clothes. I also really like to support people creating things in such an individual way. I prefer to buy from people that I know. It feels like a community thing. It’s clothing for the tribe.”

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April 18, 2017