Brandilyn Bee

“What’s one of your superpowers?”

“Creativity. Really connecting with this way of holding a unique and holographic perspective of reality. The artist inside of my heart and inside of my core that’s thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. I connect to the guiding forces of the divine feminine and the source of power that’s available to all humans at any time. If I can remember the access I have to these Shakti powers and allow my body to be a vessel I can thrive in all aspects of life.”


“What’s your dream for your life in this year?”

“I want to create harmony. I am…in love…with harmony. I would like to create my psychotherapy practice to blend vocal therapy, and sound healing, and psychotherapy and really empower people to gain trust in their voice. I want to break through barriers and build self-confidence and self esteem in the people I work with. Allowing a person’s voice to fully emerge and inspire others to have this inner trust with their words and with their gut. Singing is the most powerful form of medicine that I know.”

“What’s your biggest area of growth or challenge right now?”

“Making the decision of life partnership. Balancing these aspects of my personality that are in paradox of each other. Feeling part of myself that wants to have a family, that wants to become a mother and birth life into this world and also the aspect of me that wants to experience my full sovereignty, and liberation, and empowerment, and freedom and birth my career fully into the world. I struggle with those two paths feeling like they’re separate or disconnected or not in unity. I think that that is connected to the fact that I was raised Mormon. I struggle with feeling some shame and guilt around sexuality. It’s been a big journey for me in my life to deprogram from dogma and that binary way of thinking that there is a right or wrong decision or that there is a good or a bad choice in things. A lot of the programming I have with marriage, and life partnership, and monogamy from what I’ve seen in my family represents a woman having to sacrifice aspects of herself in order to be a wife and have nourishment going to family life. I really don’t want it to be that way, or to feel that way, so I’m working on stepping out of my own programming regarding creating family in the world and breaking that mold and being courageous.”

BrandilynBee-2“When I started graduate school in psychology and dove deep into my own psychotherapy, I became aware of how many of my adult relationships reflected patterns and dynamics that I learned as a child in my family of origin. Taking an honest look at this allowed me to see when I was acting from a place of fear rather than a place of Love. Being a catalyst of healing for others, begins with healing myself first! I realized that the shadow side of care-taking can hinder a persons ability to discover and unlock their own internal resources. I intend to awaken the innate healing power of the human organism within all of us collectively, and individually. Our essential nature is healing and loving. We are all mirrors for each other, rising together. I’m so grateful for my community and tribe I have on the Earth whom reflect my souls aspirations, morals, values and spiritual integrity. Shine on all of you crazy diamonds.”


May 10, 2017