Adam Roa & Azrya Cohen

AdamAzrya-29“What’s your favorite way to express love to each other?”

Adam: “I stop her and give her random hugs.  I know how important physical touch is to her and so I make it a point to touch her a lot.  Oh, and I handle a lot of the practical/logistical stuff for her.”

Azrya “I love to cook for him, and tell him how insanely handsome he is, especially when he’s shirtless.” 


“What’s the most challenging thing you’ve gone through in your relationship and what did you learn from it?”

Adam: “It was really early in the relationship and it was just about me being willing to let her see me.  Like truly see me in a vulnerable way.  That still comes up sometimes.  But I learned that so much joy can be found if you risk being vulnerable.”

Azrya – “Learning to take responsibility for my actions and emotions, and not expecting him to parent me.”

AdamAzrya-22“Thank for sharing that. As a couple what are you focused on birthing into the world?”

Adam: “We are here to enlighten, expand, and entertain.  Everything we do and all the media we create is focused on doing these 3 things all at once.

Azrya – “We invite others to “choose love,” by creating content and designing experiences that Enlighten, Expand and Entertain.”


“What’s your most profound gift and what’s a time you put it into action?”

“I think my biggest gift is that I have the ability to take complex ideas and concepts and translate them down into messages that are easier to understand.  I then take those ideas and put them into art like my spoken word poetry and film content.  I feel like I’m a bridge for people, like an access point.”AdamAzrya-33“What do you want your legacy to be?”

“I want to be remembered as being someone who played full out.  That I gave it all I had.  I think that this is the only thing that is within my control… all the results will be a by-product of that effort and commitment to my mission.”


“I love the spiritual messages you share on FB live. Tell me about the moment of your deepest spiritual awakening.”

“There are so many profound, mind-blowing moments, but one of the first that I’ll never forget was when I was peaking on LSD at Joshua Tree, and when I looked at my arm it was translucent and made up of the same sacred geometry as the rock I was sitting on. I could see the rock through my skin. It was a profound understanding of “we are all one.” Like, literally – everything is made from the same stuff and everything that looks solid, isn’t.” AdamAzrya-31“Sounds pretty cool. I’ve had experiences like that. What’s been one of your biggest challenges in life and what have you learned from interfacing with it?”

“Overcoming my scarcity mindset and consciously changing my relationship to money. I had to face the deepest fears of “not being cared for”, and as a result of remembering that – in truth -I am eternal and can never not exist, I’ve been able to shift into ease and flow around finances.” 

AdamAzrya-25“What’s your deepest dream for what you want to create in the world?”

“I’m here to initiate and facilitate quantum evolution for humanity to discover – or perhaps “remember” is a better word –  that all life is sacred and that a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with the planet is not only possible and crucial but also deeply fulfilling. And I love to do that through my filmmaking and curating potent ceremonial experiences for people. The best term to describe what I do is “Galactic Muse.” Pretty much sums it up.”

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May 22, 2017