Andrea and Daniel Wen

Andrea Wen-1 “How do you two know each other?”

Daniel – “She’s my older sister.”

“How much older?”

Daniel – “One and a half years.”

Andrea – “We grew up in Brazil, he just graduated from San Diego and I just moved here from Ireland to start working.”

Andrea Wen-2“What’s one of your favorite things about your sister?”

Daniel – “I feel like she’s very down to earth. A lot of times I’m a little more MIA or disconnected, but my sister is always the one to hit me up and check for me. I’m a little bit more independent.”

Andrea – “I feel like he’s the one that’s down to earth. I tend to be more of a dreamer sometimes. He’s the more realistic one. The past month has been most together time we’ve spent in the last 4-5 years. He was in college and I was in college on the east coast so we’re getting to know each other again.”

Andrea Wen-3

“What’s something you learned that you didn’t know before?”

Andrea – “I was surprised by how patient he is. Especially in conflict situations. I thought he was more impulsive, but when he’s driving or in stressful situations, he tends to be the one that stays calm whereas growing up I always thought that he had a temper.”

“Did you lose the temper?”

Daniel – “I guess I did. The people around me really shaped who I am today.”

Andrea – “Yeah, we weren’t that close growing up. I’m 25, you’re 23. He’s turning 24 in two weeks. I think this is the closest we’ve been…would you say?”

Daniel – “Yeah.”Andrea Wen-4


July 7, 2017