Nate Levin

Nate Levin-7

“I’ve been doing a lot of deep inner work. The deeper I go the more rewarding it is. I’ve been learning a lot through osmosis.”

“Is that something you learned intuitively?”

“It feels like it’s intuitive. It’s also being around people that think a certain way. Going to a lot of yoga classes with teachers who are more open. It’s a mix. Other people help you clear the shit away to connect with Source. People help nudge you on the right path but you’ve got to do it yourself. At the end of the day, nobody’s going to do anything for you.”

Nate Levin-16“Any revelations about yourself during this deepening?”

“Yeah, the strength of my inner critic. How much it was dominating me. How much I was blocking myself off from love and connection. Ego being not a member of the board, but the chairman. My daily meditation practice has been huge in this process. I’ve also been mostly vegan for the past 2-3 months, that’s been huge. I used to stress eat a lot. But looking at it from a mindful perspective as opposed to looking at it from self-hate helped me to realize you can interrupt a pattern so easily. It’s like…what else can I do to level up? Time is a part of it, but a lot of it is mindset. Actually, it’s not about time, like days passed on the calendar, it’s about the actual effort. I’ve also been seeing a lot of synchronicities with numbers, and the ways events are happening. It’s crazy.”

“What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in this process?”

“Learning how to have self-love when you go into the dark shit. There’s no way you’re going to be happy and awesome or whatever it is you think you should be all the time, you are what you should be all the time. And to have gratitude for the people you’re around, and the environment you’re in. Investing in others around you and knowing when you’re giving things to others you’re actually giving things to yourself.”

“When you raise the tide, all boats rise.”

“Exactly! If you hear stuff like that when you’re not in the right place it doesn’t always sink in. But sometimes it’ll stick around, and you may not get to it until you get to one of those deeper levels.”

Nate Levin-19

“I totally have that experience. I feel like spirit talks to me all the time through people, right now it’s talking through you. And I often hear some profound message from someone and realize that I’ve been getting the same message for a long time and just wasn’t fully open to receiving it until that moment.” 

“Sometimes I feel like my future self is coming back to talk to my present self. Whenever you’re in pain, that’s not always the full-time thing. Sometimes the voice in your head is your future self coming back to help you.”

“Thanks for the wisdom bro.”

“Yeah man. Glad it resonates.”


July 16, 2017